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The mission of our TMI Teacher Squad is

to anticipate school traditions and seasonal events, 

to suggest strategic pedagogy,

to support parents and teachers in their efforts to motivate and engage students,

to encourage teachers and coaches in behavior management and lesson planning 

to guide administrators to support teachers and to build school culture.

All TMIs are based in positivity and productivity.  

We follow sound, contemporary psychological practices

Let us know when we hit it right or if we need to redirect our efforts.

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Classroom Management

Classroom Culture

Basics of Behavior Management

Behavior Management

Discipline vs. Punishment

Time Mangagement

Student Motivation and Engagement

Teacher Motivation and Engagement

Parent Motivation and Engagement

The Bully

The Angry Student

Reading Recovery

Math Concepts into Practice

Integrated Curriculum

Rainy Day Activities


Social Studies and History


Understanding Leadership

Expectations we have of Leadership

Generational Assets of our Faculty

Being Politically Correct

Avoid Professional Burnout (winter)

Hypnosis for Teachers