Use words and actions 

to cue a positive emotional connection to learning.

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Two Rules for Making Rules 


Seven Rules for Making Rules

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My Child's Favorite Teacher is Me!

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in English

We encourage students to say, "I'm learning to..." rather than, "I can't."

We display multiples of this mini poster.  

We point to any of them when we hear,

"I can't" and we cue the phrase, "I am learning to..."

After several days or weeks, our students

begin to say it to each other.

At first, it'll be in jest; later in earnest.


We are intentional and conscientious

about building a productive learning environment.  

We provide decision-making opportunities

and identify decision-making criteria.

example:  Please choose to sit

where you will be productive.*

I  choose  wisely!

We front-load a positive and productive  attitude. 

We repeat words* of positivity and productivity often,

no matter how corny it seems at first.  

Students will grow in understanding of its effectiveness; 

Students will develop a positive emotional connection to learning and

therefore, become productive. 

Good, better, best...

Never let it rest...

Until the Good is Better...

and the BETTER is BEST!

In the moment... We ignore bad manners.

We keep our energy focussed on lessons

and affirm appropriate behavior.  

We look away from and ignore

inappropriate behaviors.


We model the mantra:

"I ignore bad manners."

Quickly, during the lesson,  

We quote the rules* as a generic reminder.  Trust... our culture shall develop over time with our consistency and continuity. 

We also affirm and commend students who are able to turn away from and give no attention to "bad manners."


I do not

look at or

listen to bad manners..


I ignore bad manners. 






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