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Call for what supports you.

Want to revamp or renew your teaching style?

TMI Teachers are   

Proactive, rather than Reactive 

Affirmative, rather than Negative

Included, rather than Avoided 

Productive, rather than Haphazard  

Joyful, rather than Whiny.

And we revel in Success!

Be your own favorite teacher; You'll be a classroom hero, too!

Here's how: 

Good:   When you subscribe to Two Minutes of Information,

            tidbits of classroom options come to you.  

            You become the educator you want to be.

                  Better:  Join us on LinkedIn and show that you care about the students                                      who will be in charge of the world when we are old! 

                                You become popular and powerful in a positive way.

                                    Best: Train with TMI Power Points and audios. Your daily                                                        routines become purposeful and productive. 

                                              You promote student learning, one teacher at a time!

                                              Start where you want.  Click for Possibilities !

           TMI is the Ten Minutes of Information students need educators to know.

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