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I founded TeacherTMI out of a necessity for quick, simple responses for new and veteran teachers.  "No one is listening to me; it's the same everyday." "I'm teaching; why aren't they learning?"

BINGO!  Ten Minutes of Information for teachers!  Easy intake of one basic concept at a time. TMIs affirm teacher practices based in productivity and positivity. Other TMIs remedy  any self-sabotage. All TMIs are committed to self-esteem for the student AND for the Teacher.  

BONUS! Administrators love that TMI tactics reduce suspension rates and increase test scores! Parents report that students like getting up to go to school.  Classroom climate becomes peaceful and purposeful. Students cooperate. Students learn.  


Each TMI is written with perspective and purpose. I am guided by thirty-five years as a teacher, principal, school board member, PAR coach, sport coach, life long learning, and even parenthood. My quiver overflows with suggestions and remedies and TMI members keep me alive in teaching. It's very satisfying to quell the angst and to influence good teaching.  


But what really keeps me going?  Hey, these students will be in charge of the world when I am old...  ah, smile with me.

My career has been entirely in the San Francisco Bay Area, mostly in Oakland and Richmond. Our community is so very culturally rich and politically diverse. It's challenging, it's rewarding; it's mighty satisfying! Join me in promoting satisfaction and joy in teaching. 


Dr. Mary Hughes-Tutass

so far,  thirty-five years in education...still smiling.



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