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Awkward teaching/learning on camera? Be comfortable in 4..3..2..1!

4 Where you sit matters. Be in good light. Background needs to be clear and simple. Remove distractions from the background. Background colors should contrast what you wear.

3. What you wear matters* Dress professionally. Choose flattering colors and styles. Keep clothing formfitting so it’s easy to see gestures. Hair and make-up also need to be simple so the focus on what you SAY and DO.

2.How you set up matters* Keep materials within reach. Put camera at eye-level or just above. Lift onto a stack of books. Lighting can be natural or focused at eye level.Light your whiteboard or realia.

1... Your gestures matter. Move naturally; minimize big gestures. Affix a photo next to your camera lens to keep eye contact with your camera, not the screen. Nod to affirm information. Smile appropriately. If motions are big, back up.

Practice? Host a TGIF with colleagues via camera!

Still uncomfortable? Go voice only and focus the camera on imported content (pdf., video, ppt, etc.).  

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