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Ten Minutes of Information:  TEACHER SAY and DO

 72 pages

 by Mary Hughes-Tutass, Ed.D.


Teacher SAY and DO presents a briefing of contemporary psychology for the classroom, then identifies the inner conflicts of a teacher that may be affecting performance, and lastly outlines exactly what to SAY and what to DO to be more joyful, more productive, and more successful in the classroom.

In the fashion of Ten Minutes of Information, Teacher SAY and DO identifies a teacher as "any human being in the proximity of another," and a student as "any human being in the proximity of another."  The tone of this ebook encourages teachers to be very aware of just what it is that they are teaching each moment, and to forgive themselves if they are terrific only most of the time. 


from the end page of Teacher SAY and DO


Teacher TMI Pledge


I affect my students with what I SAY and DO...


Because I am an ally for my students,

My students ally their efforts with me.


Because I am an Education advocate for my students,

My students trust me.


Because I believe in my students,

My students believe in themselves. 


Because I provide and maintain hope,

My students retain ambition.


Because I provide opportunity,

My students learn and grow.


Because I support my students,

I have success, happiness, and satisfaction in my teaching. 

Supporting student learning, one teacher at a time. TMI

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